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10 June 2015

Parent/child relationship between pages working well and, being multi-layered probably going to suffice for my needs

8 June 2015

Still not cracked menus but found that pages can be structured into a hierarchy by adding a ‘Parent’  so for the moment this will suffice.  I shall revisit menus if, as and when I run out f hierarchical capacity doing it this way .

6 June 2015

Tried adding Menus to side bar (following directions in a web tutorial) – everything happens as it should except that menu doesn’t appear on the side bar.  Back to drawing board!

After menus, need to address Twitter and Facebook issues looking at marketing Blog

4 June 2015

Today’s post was the easiest so far – obviously getting the hang of things.  Haven’t yet got to grips with menus – saving that for another day, but we’ll get there

3 June 2015

Getting the hang of it now – it’s a bit like trying to use a map to get somewhere, the precise location of which you’re not exactly sure of.

OK with the basics of blogging and setting up pages now.  Also OK with creating links to other pages, but interestingly it seems that in order to create a link to a specific part of a page, it is necessary to do a bit of programming, which I’ve managed but may be beyond the average blogger (not suggesting I’m an above-average blogger, but I do know how to write programs, if not in the language of websites).

But I think it’s falling into place now and while, to use my analogy of a map, I’m still not 100% sure where I need to end up, I am at least getting clearer on the direction I should be going in!

Struggling to get my Blog to open up where I want it to.   The default is the last blog posted (not updated  but created).  I found some instructions on the internet on how to set up a Home page but not quite where I want it to be yet.

I tried setting up a couple of menus and when I revisit them, they’re there but haven’t yet figured out how to access them from the site.

Also managed to set up and apply Categories/Tags to my posts

Onwards and upwards (as my English teacher used to say)

2 June 2015

Having previously used Microsoft FrontPage for my websites (the old-fashioned DIY type of web software, I was expecting great things of WordPress which I understood to be an automated, easy-as-pie, sit-back-and- relax, only-take-you-an-hour type of web builder, but oh boy, am I disappointed?

I thought first of all that I would install the product on my own PC (as I did with FrontPage), create my pages (as I did with FrontPage), then upload them to my hosting provider (as I did with FrontPage).

WRONG!  Couldn’t figure out how to install it – managed to download the programs into a folder, but with no guidance as to what to do next, didn’t manage to get it installed.  Being a Scot I took a leaf out of Robert the Bruce’s book (except I’m not totally sure books as we know them had been invented then) and tried 3 times but unfortunately my spider didn’t make it (if you’re baffled by the historical references look them up – they’re interesting!).

Decided to give up on WordPress and try a couple of other similar products; ditto with those – couldn’t get them installed and judging by the correspondence on the internet, I’m in good company.

So decided to go with the flow and use WordPress (again) on my host, which proved easy enough.

Got Blog up and running, got a recipe onto a ‘Recipes’ page, managed to add an image (Yum!) and a Link (which used to be called a Hyperlink) but not quite yet in the way I would like in that I managed a link to a page but not to an item on a page so shall have to do a bit more work on that.

Now started this second parallel Blog so let’s see what tomorrow brings!